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  Gustav Klimt - Egyptian Art (1890)


  Gustav Klimt - Egyptian Art (1890)

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Eres, sin duda, mía. Y soy, sin duda tuyo. No importa nada. No importa lo que hagamos, lo que deseemos, lo que esperemos. No importa otra vez más ni la distancia, ni esa pequeña muerte de la ausencia; no importa ya ni el tiempo, ni el olvido, ni la sangre buscándote, ni el mutilado encuentro. Eres mía, mía, sin palabras, sin giros, sin metáforas, mía ya sin ti misma, como tuyo sin mí: los dos en uno, sin nosotros.

Jaime Sabines, Los amorosos, Cartas a Chepita. (via nomegustaelpastel)

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The Best and Worst of Cosmo’s Lesbian Sex Tips

Much ado has been made about Cosmo’s new listicle of 28 lesbian sex positions to try NOW. Skimming through the legendary lady mags foray into making pictures of straight looking illustrated girls doing gay looking sex actions above the perky yet explicit descriptions we’ve come to expect from Cosmo, I was neither offended nor titillated.

I feel no need to wax poetic on how Cosmo STILL DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ME or start scissoring madly while festooned in floral garlands because the big bad lady mag told me so. Frankly I’m amused and entertained by the sincere, if hetero-peppy, shot at reppin’ my kind.

In that spirit of good natured mockery, I clarified and decorated the 15 best and worst of Cosmo’s lesbian sex tips.

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